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I believe that being well can help you create a life full of more of what you desire. We all have an incredible connection to a universal life force of wellness. Our minds, bodies and spirits are integral and important to our well being. Healing is a process of learning to allow our minds to focus on what we want and to soothe our resistance that is impeding our healing. My role is to assist you in listening to your inner guidance and finding the path of healing that resonates with your unique perspective. I work with you to understand how your external and internal environments are influencing your current state of health. Our dialogue will focus on the present you, the culminations of all your experiences, and on identifying your goals.

Empowerment through awareness may inspire changes that I can help you clarify and implement in your life. Healing can be a creative process of self-discovery that awakens you to more joy.

There is no time better than now to create the shifts you are wanting for both your health and life. When we are feeling better, our perspective shifts which affects how we feel. Holistic therapy is a wonderful avenue of support as the whole of you is considered: mind, body and spirit. This approach allows you to tune into a lifestyle that can bring more joy, health and happiness into your life. 


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