"About 2 years ago I experienced some health challenges that baffled the physicians. It was through the expertise of Shamsi Creps that I was able to navigate these challenges successfully. When I had pneumonia rather than resort to cortisone, Shamsi's cupping of the lung area was most effective. She is so highly knowledgeable about using herbs to heal the body rather than resort to the sometimes harsh side effects of medicines from the pharmaceutical companies. For me Shamsi was a wellspring of knowledge as she knew exactly what would work. She will always continue to be a part of my health regime to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have learned so much from her about nutrition, herbs, and what constitutes good health. To me she was a godsend."

"I will be forever grateful that a friend referred me to Shamsi. I had experienced digestive problems for several months, but after only two sessions with Shamsi, I knew I had found someone who could help me. Her treatment has been highly effective and holistic, combining  acupuncture with comprehensive nutritional and herbal recommendations. She is professional, focused, efficient, intuitive and wise.  She has made a huge difference in my health and in my life. I trust her expertise and her integrity...and for the rest of my life, I will trust her guidance to maintain my health. Thank you, Shamsi!"

"Shamsi is an AMAZING acupuncture doctor.  She has helped me with everything from healing colds to getting my adrenals back on track.  She has a depth and breadth of knowledgeable about acupuncture and Chinese medicine that makes me feel very comfortable working with her.  She has profoundly changed the way I approach taking care of my health by educating me about nutrition and what works, and does not work, for my constitution.  I have way more energy and better health since following Shamsi's advice! Shamsi also explains what is going on in my body in a way I can understand. So I feel like I am learning how to take care of myself which feels really empowering.  At times Shamsi has suggested that I take Chinese herbs which have always been really effective.  (And Shamsi does not charge an arm and a leg for the herbs.) Shamsi is a very caring and intuitive healer!  I recommend her very highly!"


"I love Shamsi! I've gone to other wonderful acupuncturists in the past, but Shamsi is by far the best fit for me.​ First, she is extremely passionate about her work. She really cares about your health, is just as excited as you are when you start to feel better! Also she is extremely thorough in customizing your treatment in a holistic way. It's not just one symptom that she looks at, but the entire body, and even emotional state that you are in. Every week the treatments are different, whether that be just acupuncture, or a customized combo of herbal supplements, cupping, massage, or more.​ And, importantly to me, Shamsi engages you in the healing process, if you'd like. I was really trying to find someone who could help me change my diet and lifestyle to help be my own healer as well. Shamsi believes that food can be your medicine, and she has given me many tips on changing my diet to avoid foods that exacerbate my health problems, and other foods to improve my health. The diet improvements were hard to do sometimes, but I was thrilled to find that they totally worked and helped speed my recovery from my chronic health issues. Shamsi is really supportive (kind of like a life coach pushing you to do those hard tasks you're afraid to do!) and gave me many recipe suggestions, even working within my vegan eating habits.​ Also, I've felt the most immediate physical improvements with her particular acupuncture style (Taiwanese I think?), which she combines with moxa. Between the two, I really feel the difference. If she needles my stomach, it starts gurgling immediately, and it's the only acupuncture I've had where I feel my entire body humming with energy during treatment. With Shamsi I've been able to tackle root causes of my chronic health issues, and I feel 300% better now! I'm very grateful that she's chosen to share her talent for holistic healing and acupuncture."

"Shamsi has been helping me keep my health in balance for many years. I can honestly say that I have never been treated by any medical practitioner with more skill and sensitivity. Shamsi takes the time needed to really understand health issues and craft an effective treatment plan suited to your lifestyle. She is very thorough, professional and has a gentle manner that can make even the most needle shy person comfortable. If you are looking for a gifted healer who will take the time to understand your health issues, look no further!"

"I have been doing acupuncture with Shamsi for over a year now. She has changed my life in many ways. She helped me figure out a better diet for my body's needs, she gave great advice about life and how I could see it through a happier window, and of course she is the greatest acupuncturist I have ever met. Shamsi helped me overcome digestive problems I had since childhood. It's great to feel healthy!​ Thanks Shamsi, You are the best!    



"I saw Shamsi for three years before moving from San Francisco. In that time, I learned more than I could have ever imagined about my body, what foods and herbs were beneficial and not, and how to begin to RELAX. I looked forward to every session with Shamsi, whether it was for relieving symptoms of a cold, pain, general maintenance, or just time to myself. I recommend Shamsi to everyone I know in SF because of her incredible knowledge, soft touch, generous and warm, cozy space, and the dramatic changes I saw in myself and everyone I referred to her. If I hadn't moved across the country, I would for sure still be seeing her!                       

"I have been going to Shamsi for over 3 years and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health. Her rates are reasonable but what really sets her apart is the warm environment she creates by inviting you into her actual home and treating you like a welcome guest. You feel like you're being helped by someone who really cares instead of just being treated like a number on a conveyer belt. I've learned so much about my body since going to Shamsi and feel like I am a healthier and better person from her services."

"I have been a client of Shamsi Creps for a number of years. Sessions begin with Shamsi assessing imbalances through gentle questioning. She then promotes qi (healing energy) employing excellent needle technique and, if indicated, moxibustion. Some sessions include muscle testing and recommendation of herbal supplementation. Shamsi is without peer as an acupuncturist/herbalist and I am fortunate to be the recipient of her knowledge and expertise. With gratitude.